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When you choose Genesis Flight Academy for your training and rental needs, you are choosing a proven team of professional flight instructors and state of the art aircraft that will provide you with the highest level of service available.  At Genesis Flight Academy, we are committed to making every flight safe and enjoyable. We cater to the first hour student to ensure they get started on the right path, and also the career pilot to ensure they receive the highest level of training available.  We tailor recurrent training for licensed pilots so every check flight is an experience that can be used in the everyday flight environment.

Genesis Flight Academy has only the highest quality instructors.  Our instructors are committed to a career in flight training and provide the highest level of flight instruction available. This coupled with the Jeppesen syllabus ensures that the training received will be second to none.

Primary Flight Instruction:

Instruction for Private Pilot Certificate $55/Hr.

Advanced Flight Instruction:

Advanced instruction beyond Private Pilot Certificate.  Includes instrument rating or Commercial rating.  $60/Hr.

Multi-Engine or CFI Flight Instruction:

Instruction for Multi-Engine or Certified Flight Instructor Certificate.  $65/Hr.

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