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Aircraft and Rates

Genesis Flight Academy's aircraft are meticulously maintained to minimize downtime so that GFA students can learn to fly with the confidence that the aircraft are some of the best maintained in the area. We take great pride in having one of the most modernized fleets available for our students and renter use.

Georgetown airplane rental
Piper Senaca 1
1972 Piper Seneca I $140/Hr. $140/Hr. $120/Hr. $240/Hr. $50/Hr. $140/Hr. $150/Hr. $185/Hr. $120/Hr. $230/Hr. $230/Hr. $210/Hr
2003 Cessna 172S
2003 Cessna 172S $140/Hr. $140/Hr. $120/Hr. $240/Hr. $50/Hr. $140/Hr. $150/Hr. $185/Hr. $120/Hr. $230/Hr. $230/Hr. $210/Hr
2011 Cessna 172R
1998 Cessna 172R $140/Hr. $140/Hr. $120/Hr. $240/Hr. $50/Hr. $140/Hr. $150/Hr. $185/Hr. $120/Hr. $230/Hr. $230/Hr. $210/Hr
1981 Cessna 182RG
1981 Cessna 182RG $140/Hr. $140/Hr. $120/Hr. $240/Hr. $50/Hr. $140/Hr. $150/Hr. $185/Hr. $120/Hr. $230/Hr. $230/Hr. $210/Hr
2000 Cessna 172R
2000 Cessna 172R $140/Hr. $140/Hr. $120/Hr. $240/Hr. $50/Hr. $140/Hr. $150/Hr. $185/Hr. $120/Hr. $230/Hr. $230/Hr. $210/Hr

Because we are a small business and there is high demand for our instructors and aircraft, we must enforce a strict cancellation and no-show policy.

  • For cancellations occurring 24 hours or more in advance there is no cancellation fee.
  • For cancellations occurring less than 24 hours prior to scheduled arrival, customers will be charged the instructor hourly rate for the scheduled appointment time.
  • Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice due to inclement weather can be canceled with no charge by contacting our office or your flight instructor prior to scheduled arrival time.

Genesis will give notice of upcoming maintenance or any other schedule impacting issue as soon as possible.

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