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Get a private pilots license: Austin, Texas convenience

Genesis Flight Academy Austin, TX

Up, Up, and away... fly through the Austin skys

Why go to Genesis Flight Academy for your flight training and private pilot's license? Because we don't teach you just to pass tests, we teach you to fly safely.

When you are flying solo, you will be glad you learned properly to fly your plane, rather than just learning enough to get a private pilot's license. At Genesis Flight School, we take safety seriously. Convenient Austin Area location

Private Pilot training for Austin, Texas metro area

When you learn to fly, distance becomes a new dimension. When you take a plane up into the Austin skys, we want to know you have what it takes to arrive safely. The planes at Genesis Flight Academy are completely and safely maintained.

We also want to know the plane is in perfect condition. If you are flying the skys of Austin or we are doing the flying, we have a safe plane and proper training to safely take-off, fly, and land the plane.

We only use experienced instructors, familiar with the Austin area

Many schools use instructors that just completed getting their license themselves. We use flight instructors that have a lot of experience in a plane, know the Austin skys and procedures, and have chosen teaching others to fly as their career. You do not need to risk your safety flying with an inexperienced flight instructor.

We have entry level training for getting a private pilots' license as well as commercial license and multi-engine training for the career pilot. Everyone gets the highest level of training available. After completing our course, you are ready for what we call real world flying, where you are on your own. This is when you are glad you chose genesis flight Academy.

Exceptionally convenient Austin area Locations

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