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2011 Cessna 162: Hourly Rate $140/Hr. $140/Hr. $120/Hr. $240/Hr. $50/Hr. $140/Hr. $150/Hr. $185/Hr. $120/Hr. $230/Hr. $230/Hr. $210/Hr

The Cessna 162 Skycatcher is a side-by-side two-seat, high-wing, strut-braced, tricycle gear light-sport aircraft (LSA). The latest aircraft in the Cessna general aviation product line, its intended market is flight training and personal use.The Skycatcher received its ASTM LSA approval in July 2009.

Speed: 118 Knots (Sea Level)
Range: 109 Knots / 336 NM / Time: 3.16 HRS (69%, 6,000 Feet)
Rate of Climb at Sea Level: 880 FPM
Service Ceiling: 14,625 Feet
Takeoff Performance: 640 Feet (Ground Roll), 1138 Feet (Total Over 50 Foot Obstacle)
Landing Performance: 671 Feet (Ground Roll), 1369Feet (Total Over 50 Foot Obstacle)
Stall Speed (KCAS): 41 Knots (Flaps Up, Power Off), 37 Knots (Flaps Down, Power Off)
Standard Empty Weight: 834 Poundsdash Cessna 162
Maximum Useful Load: 490 Pounds (Normal Category)
Fuel Capacity: 25.0 Gallons (Usable), 12.5 Gallons (Usable Each Tank)
Oil Capacity: 5 Quarts (Sump)
Engine: Teledyne Continental Motors O-200-D / 100 BHP at 2750 RPM
Propeller: 67 Inch (diameter) / Fixed Pitch

Cessna had announced its intentions to study the feasibility of developing and producing an LSA on 6 June 2006. The concept design was unveiled on 24 July 2006 at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh as the Cessna LSA, via a marketing study of the feasibility of producing an aircraft compliant with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration's new Light-Sport Aircraft category.

cessna 162

On 13 October 2006, nine months after launching the program, the concept prototype aircraft, registered N158CS, first flew, departing McConnell Air Force Base for Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport and reaching a speed of 110 knots (200 km/h). Cessna formally launched the Skycatcher program 10 July 2007, following with a press event on 22 July 2007 at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh that unveiled a full-scale mockup and details about the planned production version.

The conforming prototype had its first flight on 8 March 2008 and the first initial production configuration aircraft flew on 5 May 2008.

The company carried out testing of the aircraft beyond the ASTM Light Sport Aircraft requirements, including ground vibration testing and a full airframe fatigue test program on a production aircraft. In July 2009 Cessna announced that the 162 had completed flight testing to ASTM standards.

On 9 August 2007 Cessna Aircraft announced that they had orders for 720 Skycatchers totaling US$75M. By 24 November 2007 Cessna had 850 firm orders and by the end of 2008 the company had confirmed over 1,000 orders. In July 2009, orders were still reported at "over 1,000." Cessna vice president of propeller aircraft sales John Doman said sales activity had been slow because customers did not want to wait approximately four years for a delivery slot.

In December 2009 the company delivered the first production Skycatcher to its initial customer, Cessna CEO Jack Pelton's wife, Rose Pelton. The company intended that the 2010 production rate would be 300 to 400 a year, but only 30 aircraft will be delivered in 2010. (Wikipedia)

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